Online events for Premium teachers
Every meeting is a practical event.
To sign up for a meeting, follow the instruction below:

  • Read the list of the online events and choose one that is interesting to you.
  • Click on its name to see the description of the event and the Google-form to sign up.
  • Fill in your contact information in the Google-form. Choose a date that is most convenient for you.
  • The detailed information about the upcoming events will be published in the #teachers-premium Slack channel.
  • The time is not convenient? Check the timetable for a month!
Case Blitz
An online meeting where teachers get a chance to understand new Premium students better. We will walk you through several premium students' profiles and brainstorm a progress map together.
Progress Map Talks
If you are having a problem with your student and seem to be stuck without progress, come to Progress Map Talks. We will analyse the student's persona, discuss the existing problems and create solutions.
CPD Talks
Get to know your colleague's career path. We will talk about taking International Exams, teaching certificates and lifehacks of Continuous Professional Development
Teachers Weeklies
Gather online to discuss the hottest ELT topics in the most creative community of teachers: CLIL, Exam Preparation, students' typical problems. We will create a list of useful resources and tools for your lessons.
How to prepare students for special courses? During the workshop our experts will deal with the typical requests from Premium students (Finance, Yachting, Oil and Gas, etc.) and discuss Vimbox and extra materials you will need for these requests.
Content Talks
A regular meeting with Skyeng Content Department about courses updates and materials writing boost.

Timetable for a month

Personal meetings with methodologists
Chief Methodologist Premium
Methodologist Premium
Methodologist Premium
Methodologist Premium
Methodologist Premium
Tilda Publishing
  • slack @yanchen
  • practising teacher for 11 years
  • practising audio-visual translator for 9 years
  • Tesol-1 ASU university
  • TKT 1,2,3 Band 4
  • Chelyabinsk State University, Bachelor with Honors, Comparative Philology
  • Russian State University for the Humanities, Master Program, Comparative Philology
  • Saratov State University, Master Degree, Linguodidactics and Pedagogical Studies
  • Methodologist-Editor of the biggest online international event for teachers Skyteach Festival (2017-2019, 11k participants)
  • 21 academic publications in Russian and International Research papers
  • hosted and moderated > 40 online and offline events
  • specialty: exam preparation, job interview, consultancy, b2b courses
Yana Sher
Tilda Publishing
  • slack @Anastasia Varaeva
  • A practicing teacher since 2010
  • Currently a Premium teacher and methodologist
  • From April 2019 to December 2020 - TTC expert, did 4 workshops in total
  • Corporate teacher in Skyeng for 2 years
  • Screening test project: experience in working as a rater; participation in the content design
  • Specialist Degree in Linguistics, Kursk Southwest State University
  • FCE, Business English course in Prague
  • CELTA, Pass A
Nastya Varaeva
Tilda Publishing
  • slack @Yuliia_Telegina
  • Diploma in English and French philology and methodology of teaching foreign languages
  • 5+ years of experience in advertising, public relations & mass-media industries which makes me able to communicate effectively with students from diverse backgrounds
  • Experience in working with children as a project manager of children's TV-show
  • 7+ years of teaching experience, 4 years experience in preparation students for exams, including IELTS, BEC
  • about 5000 lessons on the platform for 3.5 years, including 370+ lessons on the platform with my first senior learner
  • Expert ttc
  • Courses: Course of acting technique, rhetoric & composition; Course of TV- & Radio journalism, How to prepare students for IELTS, etc.
  • Various courses and certificates of recognition, completion, gratitude, etc. in methodology and teaching by Oxford, Cambridge, British Council, The University of Glasgow and others
  • Speak some languages, English, French and Turkish in particular
  • A member of Ukrainian National Union of Journalists
Yuliia Telehina
Tilda Publishing
  • slack @Anastasia Glushkova
  • Practising teacher since 2015
  • Currently a Premium teacher and methodologist
  • From June to December 2019 - TTC Case studies expert
  • Adults teacher in Skyeng for 3 years
  • Bachelors Degree in Linguistics, Moscow Synergy University
  • Methodology Hackathon Participant
  • LXD Methodology courses
  • FIFA WFC Social Media Center Manager in 2018
Nastya Glushkova
Tilda Publishing
  • slack @Anastasiia Korinenko
  • Currently a Premium teacher and methodologist
  • Corporate teacher in Skyeng for 2 years
  • Teaching English since 2013, including kids, teens and adults
  • Master of Banking as a 1st university degree
  • Diploma in philology and teaching English language and literature as a 2nd university degree
  • FCE, TESOL Certificate
  • a number of various certificates of acknowledgement
  • 2+ years experience in working with seafarers, maritime agencies and shipowners
  • 1+ year of working with customs, export/import documentation, certification and production
  • 4 languages: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian
Nastya Korinenko
Tilda Publishing
  • slack @Margarita Fezhenko
  • Currently a Premium teacher and methodologist
  • A practicing teacher since 2016
  • From February 2020 a mentor of adult teachers
  • Corporate teacher in Skyeng for 2 years
  • Graduated IT Academy QA engineer
  • Specialist Degree in Teaching, Minsk State Linguistic University
  • 2000+ lessons on the platform
Margo Fezhenko
Timetable for a week
Here you can see all slots for a week. Available slots are in the registration forms for the personal meetings in the expert's contacts.
You should sign up for a personal meeting only if you need help with one of the following:
- for new teachers - an introductory meeting for your adaptation track
- difficult cases with premium students
- resolving negative feedback from students

Please, sign up at least 24 hours in advance. Remember to send us a message on Slack to get further instructions.

Please be advised that the meeting will be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.
If you have objections to this procedure, please inform the methodologist in advance in Slack. Thank you!
Please, contact us if you have any questions @prem_method_team in Slack