Workshops for Skyeng teachers
Boost your skills with TTC
Pick the date. Follow the link to join the zoom-meeting 5 minutes before
Choose the workshop
15-45 min
Watch the webinar
Workshop 50-55 min
Attend the workshop and complete the final task.
Get a certificate from TTC
Upcoming workshops
2 May – 29 May
All workshops are held by Moscow time
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Cool Down: How to Wrap up the Lesson
Homework: How to Get Them to Do it
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Lesson Structure
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Mistakes and Errors Correction
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Question as a Teaching Tool – How to Teach with CCQs
How to Design a Course and Keep Your Sanity
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Bettering Teacher-Student Relationship: Why and How
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Teaching Business English
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Teaching New Words. Part 2
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What to Do if a Student Has a Fear of Speaking
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Teaching Writing
Teaching Senior Learners
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Pronunciation for teachers
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STT: How to Work on It
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Tailoring the Course. Part 1: Needs Analysis
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Tailoring the Course. Part 2. Choosing the Course on Vimbox
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Teaching Listening. Part 1
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Teaching Listening. Part 2
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Teaching New Words. Part 1
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Teaching Pronunciation
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Teaching Reading Skills
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TTT: How to Use it Productively
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Homework: How to Get Them to Do it
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General English
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Wow effect and engagement
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Marina Evstratova
TTC methodology lead
• Practicing teacher and translator since 2012
• CELTA IH Frankfurt & DELTA M3 Istanbul
• Various IH and NILE CPD qualification
Sasha Luneva
TTC Senior Manager
• Teaching since 2010
• TTC expert since 2019
• Author of Skyeng courses
Valentina Afanaseva
TTC Methodologist
• Teaching since 2012
• 1000+ lessons as Premium Skyeng Teacher
• Fulbright FLTA grantee 2017–2018 (Michigan State University, USA
Marina Dolgacheva
TTC expert
• Teaching since 2003
• Speaker at international linguistics conferences
• Bachelor's degree in Education Management
Marina Mushnikova
TTC expert
• 2000+ lessons, teaching since 2013
• Holder of TKT 1-3, TKT YL, TKT CLIL, CAE
• Certified TESOL teacher
Olga Ushnikova
TTC expert
• Have been training future foreign language teachers for more than 23 years
• 3000+ lessons at Skyeng
• TESOL/TEFL 190 certificate (INTESOL Worldwide, 2020)
• Internship in the USA, TOEFL
Irene Tychyna
TTC expert
• Teaching since 2004
• Certified TESOL teacher
• Author of textbooks and workbooks
• Doctor of Philosophy in Educational and Pedagogical Sciences
Almira Vakhitova
TTC expert
• 2000+ lessons at Skyeng
• Premium Skyeng Teacher Expert at Skyeng
• Methodologist Care
Magdalena Batevska
TTC expert
• Teaching since 2013
• MA in Methodology of Teaching English
• TEFL Certificate
Tatiana Delieva
TTC expert
• MA in Cognitive Psychology
• Teaching for 5 years
• 4 years in Skyeng
• 3000 lessons
Maria Rachenko
TTC expert
• TESOL-certified
• Practicing teacher since 2005
• Online teacher since 2019
• EGE and OGE teacher
Anna Solodkova
TTC expert
• Bachelor degree in Linguistics
• Master degree in Linguistics
• Have been teaching for more than 5 years
• 4000+ lessons at Skyeng
• Working on a Chinese project for over 1 year
• Working in Montessori kindergarten for over 1 year
• Teaching reading for primary
• Teaching speaking for primary
Daria Kosolapova
TTC expert
• Teaching since 2016
• Teaching online since 2019
• OGE and EGE teacher
Liliana Abdyshukurova
TTC expert
• Bachelor degree in Linguistics • Teaching online since 2019
• Master degree in Linguistics
• Have been teaching more than 5 years and in Skyeng for 2 years
• 2000+ lessons at Skyeng
• Passed the course on Business English: how to write applications, in the University of Sheffield
• Passed the course: Online lessons that are active and interactive, in Macmillan University
What do I get from a workshop?
Useful knowledge that you can apply to your classes, the English language practice, meeting your colleagues — and a certificate.
Which workshop to choose?
We recommend starting with compulsory workshops. When you complete them, you may choose any other workshop you like.
Can I attend a workshop twice?
Yes, you can. Every time we have a new group of attendees with new cases. In June 2020, we updated workshops, so if you attended them before, we recommend signing up for them again.
How do I find out which workshops I have already attended?
Please contact Teachers Care.
The date and time of a workshop don't suit me, what should I do?
Please check the two-week's schedule on the website to find a suitable workshop.
How long do the workshops last?
Pre-workshop lecture is 15–40 minutes long, workshops last for 50–55 minutes. Plan 2 hours on average in total — to listen to a pre-workshop lecture, take a test, attend a workshop itself, and complete the final assignment.
Do I have to watch the pre-workshop lecture & take a test?
Yes, the expert will refer to it. Although your test score doesn't affect anything.
What happens during the workshops?
First, attendees revise a lecture, then examine cases in mini-groups and discuss them all together.
Where are the workshops conducted?
Via Zoom. Follow the link in the workshop card or in the description of the event on google-calendar.
Can I watch a workshop on demand?
No, you can't. Workshops are not recorded and you can only attend them in-person.
How can I give feedback on a workshop?
After the workshop, you'll get a feedback form. Please provide your feedback, and we will take it into account.
How do I complete a workshop and get a certificate?
Listen to the pre-workshop lecture, take the test, attend the workshop itself, and complete the final assignment. This will mean that you completed a workshop. You will get a certificate soon after.
I didn't get a certificate, what should I do?
After you complete the final assignment, we will send a certificate via ttc-bot in Slack within 14 working days. If you don't get the certificate, please contact Teachers Care.
What is the flow for the self-study format of the workshops?
You watch the pre-workshop webinar and fill in the registration form. Within 24 hours an expert sends you the case via slack or e-mail. You solve the case with the help of the expert. The expert gives you the feedback and sends the final task. You complete the final task, send it and receive the certificate if the final task is correct.
What are the conditions for cancelling the workshop?
In case there are less than 3 participants (1 or 2) during the 5-7 minutes since the beginning of the workshop, the workshop is cancelled. The participants can join the workshop next time.
Please, contact us if you have any questions
Vimbox: Teachers Care